About Us

In 2017, I Cheresa Denae, found myself in a predicament that so many women experience. I was attending two events in one day, and I needed to change from meeting attire to baby shower attire in 2 minutes. I did not want to pack a bag and struggle in a confining bathroom stall changing clothes to leave one event to attend the next. I've done it wayyyyyyy too many times! In that moment, I had an idea. As a sewist, I decided I would design a reversible dress that very night. The next morning, I wrapped my reversible dress around me and threw an extra pair of shoes in the car. After the meeting, I made my way to the bathroom, reversed my dress, exchanged my shoes in the car and made it to the baby shower EARLY! I received so many compliments on both sides of my reversible dress at the meeting and baby shower that I vowed to share my life-changing product with the world!

Reverse Your Style ~ Reverse Your Life